Malik AkhtarChairman Of U.C Kot Mehmood

I didn’t join politics for rule over to people.I believe it is just plate form for solving problems of people. It will be my best tried to eradicate poverty and other social issues from Kot Mahmood Union Council.

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History of Kot Mehmood

Kot Mehmood is situated in District Sheikhupura which division is Lahore. Sheikhupura is a district of Punjab Pakistan. The name of Sheikhupura is derived from a nickname of Prince Jahangir, who was known as Sheikhu by his father King Akbar. The present city of Sheikhupura was built by Mughal Emperor Jahangir in 1607.

Old names of Sheikhupura are Kot Dayal Das, Qila Shaikhupura and Singhpuria. It is also named as Jahangir pura in Tuzk-e-Jahangiri. Sheikhupura name was changed by Mughal Emperor Jahangir from the name of this area, Virk Garh.

Tehsils of Sheikhupura: There are 05 tehsils (Sub-divisions) in Sheikhupura :
1. Sheikhu Pura 2. Feroz Wala 3. Murid Ke 4. Sharaq Pur 5. Safdar Abad
UC Kot Mehmood is situated in Sharqpur Sharif which is just 1/5 KM far away of Kot Mehmood.
Kot Mehmood name was driven from a name of .Mehmood Ghugh,who was a famous person of that area.Total Area of Kot Mehmood is 16-1/2 Hundred Acre.

Political History of Kot Mehmood

Malik Paras belonged to Sharqpur Sharif and he had five sons whose name were Malik Hayyat ,Malik Shaeer,Malik Atta Muhammad,Malik Deen Muhammad and Malik Shah Muhammad . They were all in all of that area. First Nambardar of that area is Malik paras as well as Zeeldar.

Latter then Atta Muhammad become Nambardar and then Malik Sadiq. After that Mr. Nazir became chairman and latter than Chudary Ismail Faiz pur Kalan Wala. Basher Shah Memranawala also become Chairman. Haji Deen Muhammad and Malik Sadeeq also prevail on that area politics.

Latter than Malik Zulfqar Ali ruled almost twenty years on Kot Mahmoud’s politics. Present Chairman is Akhtar Nawaz.Nearby Important and Famous Cities and Places are Lahore, Nankana Sahib, Sheikhupura, Faiz Pur Inter Change Begum Kot Shah Dra.

Famous Personalities of UC Kot Mehmood

1: Malik Zulfqar Ali (Previous Chairman)
2: Malik Farfaish Ali (Advocate and Previous Chair Man)
3: Malik Abid( Politician)
4: Malik Amanat Ali( Politician and Social Worker)
5:Dr Ajmal Hakeem 6:Dr Tafseer (MBBS)
7:Dr Rafiq
8:Malik Abdul Rashedd
9:Karnal Harroon
10:Salman Hafeez( Charted Accounted)
11 Tariq Jamil(Inspector)
12: Malik Waqar( civil Judje)

Village and Settelment of Kot Mehmood

Kot Mehmood consisits on many Revenue Village and Settelment .Like

Sr No

Revenue Villages



Kot Mehmood

Shah Bukhare /Cha Faqeera


Sikhan Wala

Cha Kukran Wla


Ayya Pur

Cha Loharan


Sultan Pur



Tooly Da Wara




Barkat Pur






Haveele Kadian De


Pooy Tikhu

Tebba Maracian


Samu Lana



Pheerian Wala


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