Malik AkhtarChairman Of U.C Kot Mehmood

I didn’t join politics for rule over to people.I believe it is just plate form for solving problems of people. It will be my best tried to eradicate poverty and other social issues from Kot Mahmood Union Council.

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     Tourism Spots in Kot Mehmood :

• Hiran Minar (A World Cultural Heritage in Pakistan by UNESCO)
• Sheikhupura Fort (Qila Sheikhupura)
• Company Bagh
• Shrine of Shah Jamal

      Schools in Kot Mehmood:

• Government Gils School Kot Mehmood
• Government Primary School for boys Kot Mehmood
• Government Girls Middle School Dhool
• Gocernment Primary School Barkat Pura
• Government Middle School Sikhan Wala
• Government Primary School For Boys Ayya Pur
• Government Primary School for Girls Ayya Pur

      Colleges and Institutes in Kot Mehmood:

• Punjab College for boys and Girls ( Sheller Stop)
• Government degree college and Elementary College for Women ( Sharqpur Sharif)
• Government Degree college for Boys( Sharqpur Sharif)
• Government Commerce College for Boys (Sharqpur Sharif)
• Superior College for boys and Girls (Sharqpur Sharif)  

     Stadiums and Sports Complex in Kot Mehmood:

• Kot Mehmood Supports Complex Cricket Ground  

     Famous Foods and item of UC Kot Mehmood

1:Guava which is famous all around Pakistan and world
2:Vegetables and crops
3: Khussas (Leather Hand Made shoes)  

     Source of Income:

2:Forgn Migrated for businee (Saudia ,Kuwait,Japan,Italy etc)
4:Government Employ
5:Business and non Govermnt employ

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